Spring Forward

Spring Forward

" A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It Just Blooms."

Lose an hour; Gain a look - In this 2020 Leap Year, Spring Forward on the Mile Fashion –

As we spring forward the clocks, I'm excited to have a few more hours of daylight to tackle my must-haves and whatnots... while Spring cleaning our Wardrobe overhaul...

Think of a Cleanse, but without juice, just a grand dump of unadulterated contents of your closet. Parsing through the non-seasonal pieces deciding what to save, store, and bid adieu... Noting this purge will allow you to reinvent yourself. Unleash the Fashion Maven in you...

This year, it's all about cool and refreshing shades combining the warmth of color delicacy with soothing, feminine hues to wear both day and night—perfect for evening affairs when it comes in textured fabrics, such as tulle, sequins, and silk.

Now let's go in a wayward direction with silhouettes that venture into haute couture territory. As a part of the Modern Movement, I don't know what I thought 2020 was going to bring, but for some reason, I figured there would be some Sci-Fi onset, where everyone suddenly started dressing in sleek armored silver and electric blue lasered bodysuits


Invest in core pieces that will be the center of your looks. Unexpected, Unapologetic, and Undeniable Posh!

So, Let's Experiment with gravity-defying structures of Satin Brocade Peplum tops, layered threads, dimensional polka dots, cage hoop skirts, minimized accessories and overblown sleeves.

 Got A  Bright Idea...

Let's try that buttery or hot pink in leather- This year we're encouraging you to reach beyond the basic black, brown, or blue, and wear that rainbow color that highlights your shine... Give it a go in luxury leather


Want to  add a bold touch to your outfit exuding an optimistic outlook

Try a Psychedelia Floral...

In A Capsuled Like Timeless Wallpaper Fabric - While casually reveling in that perfect Sundress or taking on an adventure in a jungle ready Print suit.


Test the Print

Cat Inspired Wild Felines such as the Leopard, Jaguar, and Cheetah can be styled with a sleek finish or elegant approach. Animal prints have made a long-lasting impression across the fashion industry. They may have wild origins but play well with others, thus lending themselves to endless styling possibilities.

Try printed accessories such as bags, belts, and shoes to blend your daily looks.  add a sophisticated finishing touch to blend into any wardrobe... 

 Wear Waist Coats

- With the resurrection of the waistcoat, our relationship is turning into ménage trois with the basic blazer and ripped denim jeans.  For that provocative eccentric woman in you, wear the vest alone to a formal event


Carry Big Bags

- In this year it's finally time to retire micro it-bags - For those who prefer practicality over aesthetics, Think big

Find that colossal Bag Large enough to fit all your life's problems. An accessory that pairs well with any outfit


Redefine Corsetry-

Used as a symbol of feminine sexuality... Tracing its controversial history, As the French court embraced it –The Corset was the beginning of a Renaissance love affair invented by Roxey Ann Caplin, designers are bringing corsets out of the sheets and onto the streets—if you're feeling vampy, that is. Snatch that waist with sheer bodices, traditional boning, and other cinched styles we're eager to wear no matter the dress code. Until the Revolutionary Madonna – introduced the elastic flexible garment for an active lifestyle... "Corsets helped shape the body into distinctive silhouettes, from the hourglass shape popular in the 1800s to the "S" figure of the 1900s."


 Trust Polka Dots -

 We connected the dots and spotted the trend -  Embrace the flirty whimsical polka dot printed dress and pair of boldly colored sandals for a standout look. The perfect option to wear to your next summer soiree.  We discovered a plethora of head to toe polka dot looks – some with bold, large, and others with subtle dotted patterns.


 Collar Necklace -

Say goodbye to dainty layers of jewelry this spring & make a single Statement - Take it up a Notch, with a chunky chain and Oversize the Accent on your collarbone-


Spring Forward

With Delicate beauty and chic style, Our List of early Spring Fashion Blooms, Brings on The Ideas for the best FlwrCouture Fashion to plant in your Wardrobe Garden... An opportunity to breathe a little deeper, step a little lighter; a time to reset and recharge for what's ahead


-Latasha Lewis-

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