Petal Talk

Petal Talk

When April’s Showers Bring May Flowers…Enjoy being outside, listening to the birds, breathing in & out, savoring every moment to shed gratitude. Spring is around the corner & because of our affinity for the heart we inspire you to Self-Love.

We wanted to send you some home inspiration, since we are home most the day, why not dream to make our spaces more romantic. Create your Zen space at home with a comfy accent pillow, plush throw you can have clarity: of vision, of mental space, of intention, & of consciousness. Like a cool stream, it clears the mind that is foggy, too full, unfocused, or closed off. It has a blind spot to the perspectives or experiences of others that helps us to perceive things as they are & builds mental walls up to keep out swarming thoughts thus allowing focused meditation. Amethyst keeps our heads cool; calm, & collected allowing for true sight & understanding to emerge from within us: encourages us to envision & realize our dreams.

This is a remedy for the feeling of homesickness & for the feelings associated with it: wanderlust, or for missing out on something. For that type of feeling you can't quite put your finger on, but that sits in the pit of the gut. It helps us to feel at home in the world at large, to appreciate & nourish ourselves/the body we have a home in as well as the physical location we may be in by putting the earth under our feet, settles the stomach, & broadens our perception of home.

What Whispers “sit, rest awhile, be here, you are safe?" A candle scent or gentle aroma of a diffuser. [FLWR Couture Pema Porcelain Diffuser]

It reminds us to exhale, it gently pushes us forward because it has so many calming, soothing, grounding, & loving qualities to it, as a general panacea for emotional strife. When the bud of a flower peaks through the earth’s surface.

It reminds us we need not look so hard/fight too much to see the answer: that even a glimpse provides us with clarity & knowing. An anchor, a storm, & the calm after it, the insight despite the clouds which may be covering. Also, protective, harmonizing---felt in the torso & the muscles of the lower back from sowing.

Make room inside of ourselves to imagine the impossible as possible; that we can create our reality by simply dreaming it. It is both intricate, in the details & expansive: a reminder of the rarity of the planet we live on in the vastness of the universe, as well as the rarity of you living on this singular planet held in the palm of an unfathomable universe. It helps us to not take our planet or ourselves for granted and reminds us to cherish the earth we live on & the unique body that you live in, protective, soothing, & full of movement. [FLWR Couture Sugarboo Sterling Silver Roped Bracelet]

Being an online boutique allows us the freedom to continue to plow on ~ growing and creating space for people to browse for goods that bring them joy and beauty in life. With growth, renewal, & abundance we will flourish through the scummy waters as a lotus would. [FLWR Couture Dream Porcelain Flower Diffuser]

Essential Oils are wonderful companions & are so unique to everyone.

Incorporating essences into your day to day rhythms & rituals, will help to shift your inner landscape, providing a sense of serenity & will encourage a re-patterning of limiting perceptions.

Our Stone Jewelry gives you the perfect lift. They are wonderful teachers of time, patience, place, pattern, the beauty of age, & wisdom of boundaries...

[FLWR Couture Hannah Black Lava Stone Necklace]


-Latasha Lewis

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