Favorite Trends

Favorite Trends

What were your favorite trends of this passing year; who or what inspired your look?

In 2019 Fashion adopted the culture of Disunity... mirroring the range of jarring moments we experienced politically, culturally, and socially.  Functionally mixing bold-colored accents, vintage graphic Tee’s, lug-sole boots, plaids, lace blended with silk, satin, and sequined garments. The resurgence of the fanny pack and belt bag was a trend that started out around the waist, then transitioned across the chest, to finally hanging those tiny pouches around our necks.

We became fashionable militant with an obsession of dress codes that simulated combat boots, camouflage, and khakis in your “War”-drobe.


What’s your 20/20 Style Vision.

Like the age old saying “what goes around,” comes back around,”. From the little black dresses to classically tailored slacks, cool crochet to the return of hot pants some things never go out of style. Reemerge the old with the new with vintage looks that will continue to live on in this new decade. Flwrcouture wants to transcend your style with Blue Hues, Bermuda Shorts, culottes, pussybow blouses, tweed sports coats, crotchet tops, and classic button-down sweaters for the “American Sweetheart” that staples novelty to your wardrobe.

Make a Statement –

Ever heard the cliché “Wear your Heart on your Sleeve” You can do exactly that; when you think “Ultra-feminine” modern feels with a special touch of Grandma’s handmade crochet. A stylish delicate comeback to add inspiration in your wardrobe.

You’ll want to ease into the trend of The Disco Collar.  The Studio 54 set with its wide pronounced collar will remind you to have fun, disco is not dead.

With the right accessory you can embellish any look. Traditional hoops dominate season after season. However, if you’re looking to make a personal statement, put a name on it with a logo, whether wearing earrings, necklaces, or belts, the logo is what sets your fashion brand apart.

Life affirming – 2020’s shade of Classic Blue can provide an anchor foundation to vibrate your style.

If it’s true, our moods reflected through our wardrobe then fill my closet with Classic Blue – A Hue that has a huge impact in any form. A boundless blue as infinite as the sky, challenges us to expand our thinking by opening the flow of communication and increase our perspectives... By incorporating feeling into your style, you become more empowered to take control of your mood and emotions.

What exciting new Blooms would you like to see in 2020 from FlwrCouture Fashion?


 - Latasha Lewis