About Us

Our Mission is to create a fashion experience that transcends every woman's personal reflection.

FLWR, LLC. Established in 2017 is a retailer that deals with fashion clothing, a variety of accessories and the entire family’s home décor.

FLWR envisions the career driven women with a keen sense of style. A passionate brand that radiates through the collection of thoughtfully stapled pieces. The goal is to introduce the ambitious woman to her inner fashionista encouraging expressions of who they are, without having to speak.

The artistry of each piece will tailor personal style for the design of the life you live. Delivering a platform that offers compelling product assortment, that reflects her knowledge of both your wardrobe and lifestyle needs.

"F.L.W.R." is derived from the essence of “flower” an eclectic symbol, unique in its bouquet of meaning...accenting love, both mysterious and magical...

Flower - a florist to fashion, cherish all things that blossom. She believes beautiful blooms are a thoughtful way to flourish an array of different styles, art and ideas that has inspired her to share with the world. Her versatile pieces from your living room to your closet, will be fashionable, convenient, and ensemble classic strength and elegance.